Friday, June 11, 2010

Blessings from Tithing

Its been awhile since I have posted and for that, I'm sorry. I really wanted to post often and life has been so busy. My husband lost his job in Nov and I am here to say that retirement really must be a busy time of life. We have been so busy with resume classes and unemployment meetings. Shortly after Doug lost his job, I did too!! Yes, both of us unemployed. Now, before we were in the church this sort of emergency would have I'm sure displaced us from our home and life as we know it. I am happy to say that we have had our lives touched by Heavenly Father and with sticking to the law of Tithing we have remained in our home and our lives have for the most part, remained the same. Seems just as I worry we might not have the money for a large bill, I remember FAITH and it all works out. I have been a primary teacher for about two months now and the transition is starting to feel like the norm. I must say never being a teacher to others children before has made this adjustment a challenge but I have learned to look forward to seeing their little eyes light up when they learn something new. I felt as if I couldn't possibly teach them anything that they couldn't teach me. I have found with the help of and lost of preparation on the weekly planning I have started to feel more confident when teaching my 5 and 6 year olds. Although the job searching is still in full swing I have a great testimony of the law of tithing, it has been a blessing in our lives and to know that we are not alone and that Heavenly Father and our church are always on our side, makes me feel safe!! I am going to work very hard at making this Blog part of my weekly routine. Hope to see you all back here soon. God Bless!!


Pam McCoy said...

I agree with you regarding tithing, life always seems to just work out when I tith and keep my faith!

Good luck with your job search!

Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Everthing works out when you put your faith in God.God Bless Trish